Haliński MM-1-2-2005 British battleship King George V

British battleship King George V - Image 1
規模: 1:200
メーカー: Haliński
製品コード: HAL-MM-1-2-2005
可用性: 在庫切れ
最後に利用可能: 3.1.2023
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重さ:0.78 kg
Scale: 1:200

HMS King George V was a British battleship, the keel of which was laid in 1937, launched in February 1939, and commissioned in the British Royal Navy in December 1940. The total length of the ship was 227.2 m, width 31.4 m, and her displacement was 42,900 tons. The maximum speed of the battleship King George V was around 28 knots. The main armament at the time of the launch was 10 356 mm guns in two turrets with four guns and one twin turret. The secondary armament consists of 16 133 mm guns and 64 double 40 mm anti-aircraft guns.

HMS King George V was the first of the five battleships of the type with the same name - i.e. King George V. Battleships of this type were the first, after 1918, in which British designers did not have to pay attention to disarmament routes, especially the London route from 1930 year. They were also built for planned clashes with Italian battleships in the Mediterranean, German battleships in the North Sea and - especially - Japanese battleships in the Far East. As a result, ships with strong artillery armament, especially medium artillery, and above all with powerful armor, were created. The battleship HMS King George V was built at the Vickers-Armstrong shipyard in Newcastle. From March 1941, he served in the Home Fleet, and in May of that year - along with the twin Prince of Wales - he was sent to fight the German battleship Bismarck, contributing to its sinking. From December 1941 to early 1943, he served in the North Atlantic, covering convoys heading for Arkhangelsk and Murmansk in the USSR. In May 1943 he joined the British Mediterranean Fleet and in July he covered the invasion of Sicily. From October 1944, he served in the Pacific, fighting with the Japanese fleet in the waters of Southeast Asia. HMS King George V was also selected to attend the Japanese surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. In 1946 he was transferred to the reserve, and in 1957 he was definitely withdrawn from service.

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規模: 1:200
メーカー: Haliński
製品コード: HAL-PE-1-2-2005
可用性: 在庫あり!

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規模: 1:200
メーカー: Haliński
製品コード: HAL-MM-1-2-2005-ac
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メーカー: Profile Morskie
製品コード: PME-136
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規模: 1:200
メーカー: Haliński
製品コード: HAL-MM-SET-1-2-2005
可用性: 在庫あり!

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規模: 1:700
メーカー: Tamiya
製品コード: tam77525
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規模: 1:1200
メーカー: Revell
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規模: 1:350
メーカー: Tamiya
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