Tamiya 74153 Craft Knife II

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メーカー: Tamiya
製品コード: tam74153
可用性: 在庫あり!
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国に出荷するとき: 日本


重さ:0.03 kg
タグ:AB-blade Craft-Knife

Craft Knife II

• The handle has an ergonomic shape designed for ease of use and replacement of blades, etc. It is molded in easy grip black plastic. A clip is designed into the back.
• A stainless-steel blade has impressive resistance to rust. Simply remove, turn over and reset if you are left- handed.
• The end of the handle has a part that is detached by squeezing the tabs on either side and can be used to snap off dulled blade sections.
• Features an auto-lock function to stop the blade slipping. 

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メーカー: Tamiya
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