Italeri 6003 French Heavy Cavalry

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規模: 1:72
メーカー: Italeri
製品コード: ita6003
可用性: 2~8週間


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During the revolutionary wars (1792-1799) and - especially - in the Napoleonic period (1799-1815), France probably had the most efficient war machine on the Old Continent, which almost led to its lasting hegemony over Europe. It will be a truism to say that the key element of this machine was the French army. Cavalry played a very important role in this army. In its ranks, as independent regiments, cuirassier units appeared only during the Consulate period (1799-1804), the first of which were formed from the so-called heavy cavalry in the years 1801-1802. In 1803, the number of cuirassier regiments was set at twelve. Until 1807, the cuirassier regiment consisted of about 780 men divided into four squadrons, two companies each. On the other hand, since 1807, the cuirassier regiment had 5 squadrons and 1040 full-time men. The basic French armament of cuirassiers was the AN IX broadsword (until 1805), and later it was replaced with the AN XI broadsword. The secondary weapons were AN IX cavalry pistols weighing 1.29 kilograms and caliber 17.11 mm. Later, the AN XI pistols also began to be used. They wore iron helmets on their heads, and the body was protected by a cuirass composed of a backplate and a breastplate. As a curiosity, it can be mentioned that in the years 1805-1815 as many as three types of cuirasses were used, which, however, differed slightly from each other. French cuirassiers were classic heavy cavalry, suitable primarily on the battlefield, but having little importance in recognizing or leading the so-called little war. The best commanders of this formation include, for example, General d'Hautpoul, who distinguished himself especially at Austerlitz (1805), and General Espagne, who did a great job in the Battle of Caldiero.

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