Riich.Models RT72003 M992A1 Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle

M992A1 Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle - Image 1
規模: 1:72
メーカー: Riich.Models
製品コード: RII-RT72003
可用性: 在庫あり!
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国に出荷するとき: 日本


重さ:0.20 kg

M992 FAASV (Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle) is an American, modern, tracked ammunition carrier. Its first prototypes were built in the early 1980s, and the car entered service in 1982 and remains in service today. The vehicle is powered by a single engine Detroit Diesel 8V71T with a power of 420 hp. The basic version of the vehicle is armed with an Mk.19 grenade launcher and a single 12.7 mm Browning M2 machine gun.

The M992 FAASV was developed to replace the M548 vehicles in the line, and its design was aimed at improving the off-road characteristics and the degree of crew protection. It was also decided to arm the vehicle, which was a novelty in relation to the M548. The chassis of the M109 self-propelled gun was successfully used to shorten the research and development time, reduce production costs, and also facilitate the operation of the new vehicle. It is worth noting that the basic version of the M992 is capable of carrying up to 95 155mm rounds with throwing charges. The M992 vehicle has been or is exported to several countries around the world, including Egypt, Spain and Taiwan. The vehicle is licensed in South Korea under the designation K66, with the maximum number of shells carried by the vehicle increased to 110.

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