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Artesania Latina 20506 Marina II

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メーカー: Artesania Latina
製品コード: ART20506
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メーカーArtesania Latina
重さ:2.50 kg

Discover the Marina II, a wooden model of this Cantabrian tuna fishing boat. Dedicated to tuna fishing in the summer months, the rest of the time was spent catching other species in other areas following the seasonal migration of other species of tuna fish. Guided by our detailed step by step instructions you can complete your replica of this distinctive ship.

The traditional fishing method of these tuna fishing boat is trolling and live bait. This type of bait is made possible using small bait fish caught by the tuna fishing boat with a small purse-seine, keeping them alive on board in a hatchery. Seasonality of tuna fishing used to make that groups of these tuna fishing boats could be seen in the Mediterranean, from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Alboran Sea.

Build your 1/50 scale model of the Marina II, a traditional tuna fishing boat of the Cantabrian Sea. Its construction system using false keel and frames brings the assembly of your model closer to the construction of the actual ship. The model includes laser cut board pieces, hardwood, brass, die-cast and fabric. For the assembly you can follow our complete full-color step by step guide in 5 languages, accompanied by real-scale drawings of the ship.

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