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Artesania Latina 19004N New Jolly Boat HMS Bounty

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規模: 1:25
メーカー: Artesania Latina
製品コード: ART19004N
可用性: 在庫あり!
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メーカーArtesania Latina
重さ:0.32 kg

Build your wooden model at 1:25 scale of the HMS Bounty Jolly Boat, scene of one of the most famous nautical feats of history. The system of assembly by means of false keel and frames approximates its design to the one of the real ship. It is aimed at beginners modelers. Now, with an improved assembly experience that is much easier and more enjoyable!

The naval model kit with the model ship contains all the necessary parts to build the faithful miniature replica. It is made up of three plates cut by a high-precision laser to be able to extract the parts without any problem. Two made of plywood (one of 2 mm and one of 3 mm) and one of 3 mm made of hardwood. It also comes with a set of wooden strips, veneers and round rods, with accessories in die-cast, brass and wood and with one flag that it has a new design. It also brings a magnificent set of hand-sewn cotton sails ready to be placed and cotton thread. As a bonus, beautiful wooden exhibition base to assemble with the name plate of the boat.

Guided by our 2023 renewed and detailed full-colour step-by-step instructions, you can complete your replica or scale model of this navigation legend. It does not include printed instructions. You can also download the digital instructions for free on the button on this product sheet called 'Instructions and Downloadable Contents'. You can also scan the QR code existing on the kit box and plan. This action takes you to this same web page where you can download for free all the instructions you need. The kit includes printed boat plan and parts list. Once it is finished, this model ship measures 16.61'' (422mm) length, 13.50'' (343mm) height and 7.51'' (191mm) width.

Paint your model of the HMS Bounty Jolly Boat with its Specific Set of Acrylic Paints (277PACK26), for sale separately.

Accompany the Jolly Boat with its own mother ship, the merchant vessel HMS Bounty.

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