NEW! Revell 29621 Painta Standard Brush Set

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メーカー: Revell
製品コード: rev29621
可用性: 5~10営業日


重さ:0.03 kg
タグ:Modeling-Brush-Set Synthetic-Brush

The Painta Standard Brush Set from Revell is the ideal choice for modelers and artists looking for a high-quality and versatile brush series. The set includes 6 brushes in sizes 00-4, perfect for a variety of painting techniques and projects.

Each brush is made from the finest materials to ensure excellent control and precision when painting. The brush hairs are sturdy and durable, so they retain their shape even with frequent use. The ergonomically designed handles provide comfortable handling and reduce fatigue while painting.

With the Painta Standard brush series from Revell, you have everything you need for your creative projects. Whether you're painting models or starting an art project, these brushes are the perfect choice.

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可用性: 5~10営業日
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