Wektor 25 Rakieta meteorologiczna METEOR 2 nr 08

Rakieta meteorologiczna METEOR 2 nr 08 - Image 1
規模: 1:10
メーカー: Wektor
製品コード: WEK25
可用性: 在庫あり!
456JPY また 1900 pts。

国に出荷するとき: 日本


重さ:0.06 kg

Meteor is the collective name for a series of Polish meteorological rockets, the program of which was carried out in the years 1965-1974, and especially intensively in the period 1965-1970. The Meteor-1 rocket was 2.47 meters high with a take-off weight of 32.5 kilograms. The maximum speed was 1100 m / s. The main task of the Meteor rockets was to study the upper layers of the Earth's atmosphere and to study the direction and forces of winds at an altitude of about 20 to 50 kilometers. Scientists from the Warsaw Institute of Aviation were responsible for the development of the rockets, and the State Aviation Works in Mielec were responsible for the production. It is worth noting that one of the rockets from the series (Meteor-2K) flew to the record height of 90 kilometers for this series! It is estimated that a total of about 220 rocket launches from this series were carried out, gaining a lot of valuable information in the field of meteorology, but also rocket technology. It is fairly commonly accepted that the Meteor rocket program was one of the most successful meteorological rocket programs in Poland.

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規模: 1:10
メーカー: Wektor
製品コード: WEK26
可用性: 在庫あり!

456JPY また 1900 pts。

規模: 1:15
メーカー: Orlik
製品コード: orlA029
可用性: 在庫あり!

672JPY また 2800 pts。