DISCONTINUED Quest 025 Speed corvette Visby

Speed corvette Visby - Image 1
規模: 1:200
メーカー: Quest
製品コード: QUE025
可用性: 在庫切れ
最後に利用可能: 27.8.2020
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国に出荷するとき: 日本




重さ:0.05 kg

Scale : 1:200
Author: S. Dreger
Number of sheets: 3
Difficult level: 2/3

Visby is a Swedish missile corvette, the construction of which began in 1996, and its launch took place in 2000. It entered service in Svenska Marinen two years later - in 2002. The corvette is 72 meters long, 10.4 meters wide and has a full displacement of 650 tons. The maximum speed is up to 35 knots. The armament at the time of the launch consisted of eight RBS-15 anti-ship missile launchers, a single 57 mm Bofors gun and two 400 mm torpedo tubes. The ship can also carry mines.

Visby is the first of five (as of 2008) corvettes belonging to the type with the same name - ie Visby. Corvettes of this type were largely made of composite materials, which had a positive effect on the strength of the hull and reduced the possibility of detection. The ships of this class were also designed using many elements of stealth technology, which makes them detectable by sea radars at a distance of 8-22 kilometers, depending on weather conditions. Ships of this type are characterized by high maximum speed, strong anti-ship weapons, low detectability and relatively rich electronic equipment. The disadvantages include, for example, the lack of anti-aircraft weapons and the inability to base the helicopter.


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メーカー: Modelarstwo Okrêtowe
製品コード: MOK100
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規模: 1:700
メーカー: Orange Hobby
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規模: 1:350
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規模: 1:350
メーカー: Orange Hobby
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規模: 1:700
メーカー: L'Arsenal 2.0
製品コード: LAR-70011
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